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Subject: saxon.character.representation



I'm working with a customization layer based on a dated version of DocBook XSL (HTML  1.41?) and using the 1.74 release HTML style sheets for everything else.


This is for a home-grown WebHelp solution that I'm in the process of internationalizing (mostly complete, except for the Lucene search pieces). In our customization, we set the following parameters:


<xsl:param name="chunker.output.encoding" select="'UTF-8'"/>


<xsl:param name="saxon.character.representation" select="'entity;decimal'"/>


My assumption would be that the UTF-8 output encoding would make the saxon.character.representation value mostly unnecessary. However, all non-ascii characters are being converted to numeric entities. Changing the saxon.character.representation value to native converts to native non-UTF-8 charsets, so that doesn't help matters.


Any suggestions on where to look for a fix? Is there some other place in the default style sheets (besides chunker.xsl) where the encoding is (or could be) overridden?




Bill Burns

Verbum Communications, Inc.





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