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Subject: Weird formatting with programlisting and screen

I have several syntax statement illustrations that I am using in my document.  I read that programlisting is a "verbatim" environment and, except for XML markup (i.e., <tags>, etc.), it doesn't alter the source (including whitespace and CR/LFs).  

The following statement:

  <programlisting>alter user smith identified by 'password';</programlisting>

appears in FOP output as:

  alter user smith identified by -'password'; 

I tried using screen instead of programlisting and got the same result.  I also tried:

  <programlisting><![CDATA[alter user smith identified by 'password';]]></programlisting>

to see if that would make a difference, but no dice.

This is just wrapped in a regular <para> in a <section> in a <chapter> in a <book>.  Very straightforward and I am surprised to see this spurious DASH appearing.  I did more testing and this seems to occur only when there is a quoted string (single or double quotes trigger it) but not if the first quote occurs at the END of a word. 

  <programlisting>alter user smith identified by password';</programlisting> NO DASH:

  <programlisting>alter user smith identified by 'password';</programlisting>
  <programlisting>alter user smith identified by "password";</programlisting>

This is not critical at this moment (I am still working on the doc and can ignore it for a while) but it will make my examples technically incorrect unless I can fix it before I publish.

Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance.

Jon Rosen

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