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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] rotate figures with a pi

Hi Benno,
Not sure what is going on here.
Can you show exactly what the <figure> element with its <imagedata> element looks like (including all input attributes), as well as the fo output that you are getting that is not correct?  Also, what version of the stylesheets are you using?  Thanks.
Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
----- Original Message -----
From: Benno Wolf
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 1:45 AM
Subject: [docbook-apps] rotate figures with a pi

I have a couple of big pictures which would fit nicely on a a4-page in landscape - orientation. To do so, I used a processing instruction as described in Mr. Stayton's book here. The problem seems that some attributes given to <figure> and <imageobject> does not have an effect to the rendered PDF. I even managed to replace the attribute to figure, pgwide="1", which seems to be ineffective because it's is going to the <fo:block> but not to the <fo:block-container>. That was easy since you just have to put the start-indent="0" attribute to this wrapper in the customization layer like that:

<xsl:template match="d:figure[processing-instruction('landscapeFigure')]">
     <fo:block-container reference-orientation="90" start-indent="0" width="100%" height="auto">

Problem is now that the scalefit="1" - attribute to the <imagedata> - element does not go through to the generated .fo so the picture is still far to big. If the fo file would look like that:

 <fo:block-container reference-orientation="90" start-indent="0" width="100%" height="auto"><fo:block start-indent="0pt">
 <fo:block space-before.minimum="0.5em" space-before.optimum="1em" space-before.maximum="2em" space-after.minimum="0.5em" space-after.optimum="1em" space-after.maximum="2em" keep-together.within-column="auto" id="d0e159">
 <fo:block space-before.optimum="1em" space-before.minimum="0.8em" space-before.maximum="1.2em" font-weight="bold" font-size="12pt" hyphenate="false" space-after.minimum="0.4em" space-after.optimum="0.6em" space-after.maximum="0.8em" font-family="inherit" keep-with-next.within-column="always">Description</fo:block>
 <fo:block id="d0e166"><fo:external-graphic src="" width="100%" height="auto" content-width="scale-to-fit" content-height="100%"/></fo:block></fo:block></fo:block></fo:block-container>

then the picture would fit on the page perfectly.
Is there a possibility to reach the scale-to-fit - instruction through or give it in the customization layer?

Any answer is appreciated.


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