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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] syntax highlighting with xslt2/pygments/jython/saxon

|  -----Original Message-----
|  From: Andreas Reuleaux
|  java \
|  -cp 
are/java/jython.jar" net.sf.saxon.Transform \
|  -init:docbook.Initializer \
|  -s:myfile.dbk \
|  -xsl:fo-xslt2.xsl \
|  -o:myfile.fo \
|  -xi:on \
|  -ext:on \
|  use.extensions=1 \
|  fop1.extensions=1
|    OK, my toolchain still works, but no highlighting yet

At present, highlighting does not work for XSL-FO. There are two reasons as
far as I can tell:
1. The code for calling Pygments via Jython only handles (X)HTML output. 
2. Pygments does not provide an XSL-FO formatter.

For XHTML, it took me a while to figure out how to make highlighting work
(Saxon HE on Windows XP). These points were particularly important:

1. Add role="pygments" to the <programlisting> element in the source XML.

2. Add 

 -Dpython.path=<path to Pygments install dir>

to the "java" command. This was necessary in order to avoid "ImportError: No
module named pygments".

3. Add the output generated from this snippet,

 from pygments.formatters import HtmlFormatter
 print HtmlFormatter().get_style_defs()

to a CSS file, and ensure that this file is referenced in the output (see
the docbook.css parameter).

Below is the contents of my Windows BAT file. I run it from the root
directory of the 2.0.2 relase downloaded from http://docbook.github.com/.

-Dpython.path=c:/Java/jython2.5.2/Lib/site-packages/Pygments-1.4-py2.5.egg ^
2/jython.jar ^
    net.sf.saxon.Transform ^
    -init:docbook.Initializer ^
    -s:verbatim.xml ^
    -xsl:./xslt/base/html/docbook.xsl ^
    -o:verbatim.html ^
    -xi:on ^
    -ext:on ^

|  * Also there is mention of some python.path setting in ~/.jython 
|    what does that look exactely (the path to the script maybe)?

As an alternative to '-Dpython.path=...' at the command line, you can add 

 python.path=<path to Pygments install dir>

to ~/.jython.

See http://wiki.python.org/jython/UserGuide#the-jython-registry

|  * I use neither Saxon PE or EE, but saxonb and/or saxonhe
|    so I guess I don't have to set 
|     <resources>
|  <extensionFunction>org.docbook.extensions.xslt20.Cwd</extensi
|  <extensionFunction>org.docbook.extensions.xslt20.ImageIntrins
|  <extensionFunction>org.docbook.extensions.xslt20.Pygmenter</e
|    </resources>

That's right, configuration files cannot be used with Saxon HE. See


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