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Subject: Changing the html tag used for mediaobject videodata

G'day, question about xsl.

Currently <videodata> inside a <mediaobject> renders to the html <embed>
tag. I'd like to render it as <iframe> instead.

(<embed> works with Chrome, but doesn't work on Firefox 7 on Linux;
<iframe> works with both)

For example:

    <videodata contentdepth="413" contentwidth="660"

currently renders:

<div class="mediaobject"><embed
width="660" height="413"></embed><div class="caption"></div></div>

I want it to render as:

<div class="mediaobject"><iframe
width="660" height="413"></iframe><div class="caption"></div></div>

Can anyone help out with the way to do this in the xsl? I've had a poke
around in xhtml-common, and found this:

<xsl:template name="process.image">
  <!-- When this template is called, the current node should be  -->
  <!-- a graphic, inlinegraphic, imagedata, or videodata. All    -->
  <!-- those elements have the same set of attributes, so we can -->
  <!-- handle them all in one place.

In there I see:
  <!-- imagedata, videodata, audiodata -->
        <xsl:call-template name="mediaobject.filename">
          <xsl:with-param name="object" select=".."/>

But I can't find a mediaobject.filename template anywhere, and I can't
see where the <embed> tag is being specified.

Any help appreciated.

- Josh

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