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Subject: is compact itemizedlist formatting in html output possible?


I would like to format some of my itemized lists as, well, compact
when generating HTML output. However simply specifying
spacing="compact" does not work and moreover I can't figure out a
clean, standard way to do this.

Namely, both with Docbook 1.70.1 and 1.76.1 XSL templates, the only
change that adding spacing="compact" does is emitting <ul compact>
instead of <ul>, but <p>s within <li>s still are emitted and undesired
vertical margins are still there.

Specifying li p { margin:0 } in CSS solves this for compact lists, but
breaks all the other itemized lists, which should get rendered with
normal vertical spacing. Maybe there's a way to affect compact lists
only in CSS?

Putting just character data w/o <para> ... </para> wrappers into a
<listitem> actually works and the output is nicely formatted. But this
is in the violation of the standard, quite a big change (1500+
entries), and not really convenient. (Specifying the style for the
entire list rather than particular entry is so much easier.) Ditto for
using <simpara> instead of <para> in the items.

Currently, I'm doing a workaround with a Perl script that removes <p>
tags from within <li> entries (with a few extra conditions on the
contents). That works, but does not seem a proper way to do it. Any

Thanks in advance.


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