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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Webhelp numbered toc tree

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Hi Benjamin,
Glad that helped.

One tip about this list: you have to do "Reply-to-all" or
"Reply-to-list" (if your client has that). By default, you reply only
to the sender.

Regarding the bug you report, that's fixed in svn (or mostly
fixed...looks like I need to adjust it by a few px). Unfortunately our
snapshot builds are not available at the moment.

In fact, Kasun and I have done a fair amount of work on webhelp, both
incorporating the contributions of others and fixing a few bugs. Since
I can't point you to the snapshot machine, I've put up a demo here:


Here's an anchor that shows the situation I believe you were bringing up:


We should have a real release of the docbook xsls "soon" (in weeks?).
Also Mike Smith is working on resurrecting the snapshot builds in a
new environment.


On 11/10/2011 10:31 AM, Benjamin Taufer wrote:
> Hi David,
> Wow, that's great! I have overlooked these parameters. With these
> I've found what I'm looking for, to only number the chapters with
> the following parameters:
> <xsl:param name="chapter.autolabel" select="1"/> <xsl:param
> name="section.autolabel" select="0"/>
> Thank you very much. For your help!
> The second one is, maybe I've found a bug in the webhelp css.. If I
> click at the navtree on a section (technical a hyperlink to an 
> anchor of a chapter). My browser scrolls to far. I guess that FF
> jumps to the right anchor, but I can't see this anchor because it's
> on top of the site, which is overlayed by #header (z-index:2000;).
> So that gives me the illusion that my browser scrolls to far. Can
> anybody confirm this? I've tried this on FF 7.0.1, Chrome and IE8.
> I wasn't able to fix this in the #content...
> On Thu, 10 Nov 2011 06:42:30 -0600, David Cramer wrote:
>> Hi Benjamin, For that you'll need to set the parameter
>> webhelp.autolabel to 1. There are a few params introduced for
>> webhelp that we haven't yet incorporated into the normal
>> parameter documentation. They're still hidden in xsl/webhelp.xsl
>> at this point:
>> <!-- webhelp-specific params! --> <!-- To be added to normal
>> params file someday --> <xsl:param
>> name="webhelp.include.search.tab">true</xsl:param> <xsl:param
>> name="webhelp.start.filename">index.html</xsl:param> <xsl:param
>> name="webhelp.base.dir">docs</xsl:param> <xsl:param
>> name="webhelp.tree.cookie.id" select="concat( 'treeview-',
>> count(//node()) )"/> <xsl:param
>> name="webhelp.indexer.language">en</xsl:param> <xsl:param
>> name="webhelp.default.topic"/> <xsl:param
>> name="webhelp.autolabel">0</xsl:param> <!-- webhelp-specific
>> params! -->
>> David

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