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Subject: More ePub Problems

Generating ePub using the latest XSLT (1.76.1) I keep getting the
following validation error:

ERROR: admin_guide.epub/OEBPS/content.opf(4): item with id 'd0e1' not found

When I check the generated content it looks like d0e1 is associated
with index.html.

I also notice that I always get a warning during processing:

     [java] Ambiguous rule match for /
     [java] Matches both "/" on line 103 of
     [java] and "/" on line 404 of

How do I fix this?

Principle Technical Writer
Phone: (781) 280-4174
E-Mail: ericjohnson@apache.org
Blog: http://documentingit.blogspot.com/
Twitter: finnmccumial

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