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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Setting up a DocBook system

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Hi Richard,
When using the DocBook xsls from sourceforge (docbook-xsl or
docbook-ns-xsl), Saxon 6 is the correct version. These xsls were
implemented as 1.0 xsls and contain features that do not work in the
xsl 2.0 version of Saxon.

For the DocBook 2.0 xsls, see:


If you're starting from scratch today, the idea of starting with the
DocBook 2.0 xsls is very appealing, but keep in mind that you would be
among the first to do so. If you goal is stable, tried-and-true xsls,
then the 1.0 distribution is probably what you want.

Regarding the build system, in addition to the Fuse system mentioned
in this thread, if you're familiar with Maven, you might look at Docbkx:


Finally, if commercial tools are an option, the XML editors oXygen and
XMLMind both come with build-in support for DocBook.


On 11/18/2011 08:03 PM, Eric Johnson wrote:
> Richard, Check here: http://forgedp.fusesource.org/ It is an easy
> to install package that uses ant to drive the build process. 
> Cheers, Eric
>> On Friday, November 18, 2011, Kerry, Richard
>> <richard.kerry@atos.net
> <mailto:richard.kerry@atos.net>> wrote:
>>> Team,
>>> I am setting up a Docbook system. When I did so for the first
>>> time for some tests a couple of years ago
> I didn't worry too much about whether everything was done using the
> best tools, or in the best way.
>>> This time I want to be a bit more certain I'm doing things the
>>> best
> way and not missing anything.  I want to produce a susyem that 
> colleagues can use and foresee resistence if it is more difficult
> than it needs to be.
>>> I've started out by looking at Bob Stayton's book on-line.
>>> But, I
> think it is a bit out of date.
>>> Can anyone direct me to any more up-to-date Getting Started
>>> guides ? Or Bob, is there any chance that you might update your
>>> on-line book,
> in particular the version numbers referenced for Saxon and Fop ?
> And the class names to use (The section on Saxon still refers to
> version 6 and the ICL version of the class-name).
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