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Subject: titlepage customization, docbook v5

I'm having problems using the html titlepage code.
Bob has
which relates to older versions, where the templates
and the xsl file to process it is in the template directory
which doesn't exist in the v5 distro.

I copied out titlepage.template.xml in  say /temp
I'm running saxon
saxon /temp/titlepage.template.xml
stylesheet /<pathToV5>/html/titlepage.xsl
output ...

I'm getting all sorts of errors and I'm unsure why?
should I be using titlepage.xsl....  titlepage.templates.xsl
I don't think so (it says <!-- This stylesheet was created by template/titlepage.xsl-->)

Surely my configured specfile doesn't need to be moved back into the v5 distro

Any suggestions please?


Dave Pawson

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