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Subject: MSV validation?

I've used Sun's Multi-Schema Validator with the Schematron add-on for DocBook5 files. The version with add-on was in a 'relames.jar' file. I am no longer able to locate a download for such a file.

Since Oracle bought Sun, it is now the Oracle Multi-Schema Validator. But I am not able to locate that on Oracle's site.

When I go to http://msv.java.net, I find "GlassFish > Project MSV", which does not mention relames or Schematron. When I download the msv.20090415.zip files from that site, I find no mention of relames or Schematron in any of the files.

Does anyone know what is up with Multi-Schema Validator with Schematron support?

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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