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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] [ANN] The DoCookBook Project


Am Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011, 10:59:21 schrieb Robin Lee Powell:
> [snip]
> "The DoCookBook Project" and "http://doccookbook.sf.net"; have a
> different number of Cs in them.  :)

That true. Actually I've registered the project as "DocCookBook" written with 
with the different capitalization of C's. It's a word play -- you can read it 
as DocBook or CookBook. Well, but later I changed my mind and the project lost 
a "c", so it's now DoCookBook. Which makes also some sense -- somehow. That's 
the inofficial version, as simple as that. ;)

The official version goes like "it's an unpronounceable, twisted linguistic 
challenge which makes a mental knot in people's tongue and brain so they feel 
this needs to be fixed and write bug reports as a result". ;-) Choose whatever 
you prefer.

Another reader wrote me a mail and proposed the name "DocBookCookery" which I 
think is also amusing and creative.

  Thomas Schraitle

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