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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] chunked output and XSLT2.0 patch

Hello Jirka,

It's been seven months since our last exchange on that subject, so I don't know if the problem with "longdesc" and saxon9 with the XSLT2  patch for chunked HTML has been solved by someone else. Anyway, I finally got back to it and I may have found the start of a solution(if a solution is still needed).

What was happening:
- The chunking with saxon9(and XSLT2) works differently than with other processors: it first builds a complete result tree with "ch:chunk" elements to be then processed in a second step to detect chunks and write the needed files.
- Since the result from the template "write.longdesc" in "graphics.xsl" is only used by the template "process.image" to generate the "longdesc" attribute in the final document, the actual content with the "ch:chunk" element is not written to the result tree of the first step, so no file is written for the longdesc.

So, my solution is to simply add the "ch:chunk" and its content to the result tree IF XSLT version is >= 2.0 in the template matching "imagedata" in "graphics.xsl" so the file is written.

Attached is my patch for "html/graphics.xsl" from docbook-xsl-1.76.1, see lines 1238 to 1241.

I hope it will be useful.


Le 13/05/2011 22:22, Jirka Kosek a écrit :
Maxime Bégnis wrote:

I ran some tests, results and test content attached in a zip. The separate legal 
notice generation does work for me. The longdesc does not work with saxon9, it 
works fine with xsltproc and saxon 6.5.5.
So xsltproc works, it only generates some unpleasant messages.

I'll try to fix the longdesc issue with saxon9.
That would be great.

I assume that this kind of stuff is not to be posted on the mailing-list. Please 
let me know if it should.
I think that this would be of interest to other members of mailing list,
so I don't see any reason you shouldn't post it there.



Maxime Bégnis
Tél: - Fax:
5, rue de la Touloubre
13770 Venelles

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