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Subject: Re: Can't select link if 'linkend' contains text

Xmplar <info@xmplar.biz> writes:
> I have in a document, d:link - for both links to other text in the document (e.g. link to a
> figure) as well as links to URLs. For both types of links I am using d:link. I would like the
> following code to select only those instances where the @linkend contains the string 'http' -
> and to then put angle brackets before and after those URLs. The if:test syntax under variable
> "content" is obviously wrong - what is the correct syntax for selecting linkends that are only
> URLs?

The linkend attribute is supposed to contain an ID, the ID of the part of *this*
document that you want to link to. If you want to link to another document, you
want the xlink:href attribute (in DocBook V5) or the ulink element in DocBook V4).

Hope that helps.

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