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Subject: Titles in

I'm currently completing a 2 large technical documents using Oxygen, Docbook 5, Apache FOP and Saxon 6.5.5 and have managed to complete all the customisations needed, apart from one which is proving to be beyond me at the moment, it's my first venture into XML.
I want to include the <part> title in the header of the body pages as it is shown in the toc pages, there are two books one titled "Technical Handbook - Non-Domestic" and the other "Technical Handbook - Domestic" and I need to show this on the body pages along with the <chapter> title which is already showing.
I have managed to find the file I need to work on, I think, "pagesetup.xsl" where I created a test <xsl:text> tag which shows the text I enter within it but on all pages. I think I need to use retrieve marker from my current investigations as I need the <part> title for each book to appear on the body pages rather than creating individual customisations using the <xsl:text> tag approach.
Can anyone help a poor beginner who is really a designer and not a code master, I have worked hard and managed to get all the other custom work done and learned a lot about XML along the way but this bit is beating me:)
Best Regards
Paddy O' Connell
Fife Design Partnership
01334 828393

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