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Subject: Limitations in table border formatting with xsltproc+fop ?

(I'm using xsl-stylesheet v1.76.2 together with xsltproc and fop v1.0)

For printed output I want to get rid of some of the excess borders in the default output so I first removed the cell borders with

<xsl:param name="table.cell.border.style" select="'none'" />

and this works as expected.

I then tried to frame the table only on the top and bottom with

<xsl:param name="default.table.frame" select="'topbot'" />

but this has no effect. (I also tried the parameter 'table.frame.border.style' )

Other settings, such as "'none'" doesn't do anything either. Neither does adjusting thickness or color of the border either. This makes me believe there are some (known?) limitations in the tool chain.

Can anyone comment on the errors of my way in styling printed output tables?

(My end goal is to only have horizontal borders on top and bottom and below the table header row)

I should also add that the using the attributes directly from Bob S. book as below (to have closed frames table at page breaks) does not work either

<xsl:attribute-set name="table.table.properties">
<xsl:attribute name="border-after-width.conditionality">retain</xsl:attribute>
<xsl:attribute name="border-before-width.conditionality">retain</xsl:attribute>

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