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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Customizing and creating a stylesheet for docbook using the XML Mind or Oxygen XML Editor

Le 17/01/2012 09:43, daniel.keyes@finaris.de a écrit :

currently my company is thinking about transferring its user documentation into XML and docbook.
Since we are an IT company, XML and programming in general is not a problem. But: We cannot find and adjust the stylesheet needed to create our custom documentation.
We are currently setting up a prototype for our documentation, following the instructions from Walsh´s "DocBook 5: The definitive Guide" and working with the XML Mind Editor and a trial version of "OXYGEN Editor".

Basically, we are satisfied with the results and trust in docbooks function (since having lots of trouble with Word), but the lacking transparency makes it really hard to come up with a sample documentation/ prototype .Each file we open has at least one reference to a website we cannot open and dozens of files that don´t exist or are really hard to find. We checked the regular docbook.zip from the docbook homepage, but also all  files of the respective editors. (Is there something as a "default" Docbook editor that you would propose?)

Can anyone give me some advice, a link or even a how-to for adjusting the docbook stylesheet? Personally, I would love to use docbook for our user documentation, simply for the additional features it has compared to other text processing program, but only if I can adjust the appearance. Especially regarding corporate identity this is absolutely necessary.

I am surprised to read the above message. I really thought that we had enough documentation to achieve what you want. See for example,

XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment
Chapter 5. Customizing an existing configuration

("DocBook v5+" is one of the ``configuration'' supported by XMLmind XML Editor.)


* You are welcome to send support requests to:

More information:

* We even have an easy-to-purchase customization service which could give you a quick start. (However because you are an IT company, you probably don't need it.) See

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