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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Customizing and creating a stylesheet for docbook using the XML Mind or Oxygen XML Editor

Hi Daniel,

Oxygen (and most probably also XML Mind) uses CSS stylesheets in order to display the XML in the Author editing mode in a visual pleasing manner. Those CSS styles which you use for visual editing do not influence the publishing in any way. Output for PDF (and for XHTML, etc) can indeed be customized by setting XSLT parameters to the publishing transformation scenario.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>  XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 1/23/2012 2:38 PM, daniel.keyes@finaris.de wrote:

sorry that it took so long, but I was quite busy.
Thanks for all the response - it made things easier for us.

The customization process is getting along pretty well, but we still
have some questions regarding the PDF Output:

As said before, we customized Docbook to match our requirements. We
basically added a few elements to the schema and blocked those we didn’t
want. The font size etc. is determined by an css style sheet.

One problem is, that most of our new styles are not recognized if we
output a document as a PDF. We already found the param.xml and
pagesetup.xsl file, but were not sure if it is necessary to customize
them as well. Did we go wrong using css instead of xsl as a stylesheet?
Oxygen handles both, but it seems like only xls is supported for
creating a PDF.

Another problem that we have is, that we can´t really figure out how to
influence the general page layout (header, footer, graphic on the front
page etc.). Is there any tutorial or something?

Finally, at least for now, we are wondering how to insert text boxes in
line with the text, since in our current configuration text boxes are
always inserted below the paragraph.

Thanks for the help and sorry if some questions might seem unnecessary.
I´m not one of the XML guys in the company, but rather one of those who
write and translate.



From: 	daniel.keyes@finaris.de
To: 	docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
Date: 	17.01.2012 09:44
Subject: 	[docbook-apps] Customizing and creating a stylesheet for
docbook using the XML Mind or Oxygen XML Editor



currently my company is thinking about transferring its user
documentation into XML and docbook.
Since we are an IT company, XML and programming in general is not a
problem. But: We cannot find and adjust the stylesheet needed to create
our custom documentation.
We are currently setting up a prototype for our documentation, following
the instructions from Walsh´s "DocBook 5: The definitive Guide" and
working with the XML Mind Editor and a trial version of "OXYGEN Editor".

Basically, we are satisfied with the results and trust in docbooks
function (since having lots of trouble with Word), but the lacking
it really hard to come up with a sample documentation/ prototype .Each
file we open has at least one reference to a website we cannot open and
dozens of files that don´t exist or are really hard to find. We checked
the regular docbook.zip from the docbook homepage, but also all files of
the respective editors. (Is there something as a "default" Docbook
editor that you would propose?)

Can anyone give me some advice, a link or even a how-to for adjusting
the docbook stylesheet? Personally, I would love to use docbook for our
user documentation, simply for the additional features it has compared
to other text processing program, but only if I can adjust the
appearance. Especially regarding corporate identity this is absolutely

Thanks and with best regards,

D. Keyes

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