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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Tripane output

Hi Eric,

The last time I seriously used HTML frames was in 1998; I really wouldn't want to go back there. ;-) The div-based layout used by WebHelp is the way to go.

Someone pointed out to me that WebHelp is highly configurable via the jQueryUI:


You can download preconfigured themes, or roll your own using a fairly intuitive web interface. Replacing the default WebHelp theme ("theme-redmond") with one from jQueryUI is pretty straightforward, too.



On 24.01.2012 17:32, Eric Johnson wrote:
The snapshot sample looks very nice. I cannot wait to see it in a new
release so I can update our docs.

My company migrated from the frame solution that is documented in Bob's
book to the WebHelp templates and it was a huge improvement. The
templates are fairly easy to work with and can be customized to get any
branding or look and feel you'd want.


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