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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Google Summer of Code 2012

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On 03/03/2012 06:48 AM, Kasun Gajasinghe wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> About getting vouched by other organizations - The question related
> to this in the application is, "Are you a new organization who has
> a Googler or other organization to vouch for you? If so, please
> list their name(s) here"
> We are not a new organization, but since we got unlucky last year,
> I think we should get another organization to vouch for us.
> MoinMoin is a good candidate as I've told you before. [1] Thomas
> Waldmann was their Google Summer of Code Organization Administrator
> in 2011, so may be you should contact him first. His contact info.
> can be found at [2].

I think MoinMoin is promising. My sense is that the vouches should
come from open source orgs that have participated in GSoC before.
MoinMoin has a long record of participating in GSoC.

> Can organizations outside of GSoC vouch? I couldn't find the 
> documentation by Google about the vouching process! Has OpenStack 
> participated in GSoC before? If so, that's also a very good
> addition. They already uses a DocBook product that was developed as
> part of GSoC 2010 (Webhelp).

OpenStack hasn't participated before. Not sure if they'll apply this year.

> And, in case, I wasn't clear before, I was thinking to be a
> co-mentor this year, because of limited knowledge about DocBook, I
> don't think I can fulfill the needs a student. I was thinking of
> co-mentoring WebHelp, if David is OK with it. :) David?

That would be great!

I think next we need to turn our attention to the ideas page.

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