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Subject: Webhelp files chunking to wrong directory

I just started using WebHelp this weekend and followed the instructions to install Ant. I couldn't test that Ant was installed properly because when I ran "ant -version" at the command prompt I got an error message that "ant" is not a recognised command, etc....
However, I decided to run webhelp from within oXygen v 13.2 anyway (apparently not using ant), and it is creating chunks, but it is creating the docs directory in the oXygen 13.2 program directory. I have modified the webhelp build.properties file to specify an output directory:
output-dir=file:///c:/xmplar/cop-e-boox v 0-1a/docs
..but this makes no difference.

Do I need to specify an output directory somewhere else? Have I missed an installation step?
I'm using the ns version 1.76.1 in Windows XP.
Dave Gardiner

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