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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Webhelp files chunking to wrong directory

On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 9:12 AM, Xmplar <info@xmplar.biz> wrote:
I just started using WebHelp this weekend and followed the instructions to install Ant. I couldn't test that Ant was installed properly because when I ran "ant -version" at the command prompt I got an error message that "ant" is not a recognised command, etc....

This probably means that you haven't added the path to ANT's bin directory to PATH environment variable. Can you make sure that it's the case? You may read the Ant manual for a more detailed instructions.

However, I decided to run webhelp from within oXygen v 13.2 anyway (apparently not using ant),

As far as I'm aware of, Oxygen has ANT integrated into its pack. So, when you invoke webhelp via Oxygen, it invokes ANT internally.
and it is creating chunks, but it is creating the docs directory in the oXygen 13.2 program directory. I have modified the webhelp build.properties file to specify an output directory:
output-dir=file:///c:/xmplar/cop-e-boox v 0-1a/docs
..but this makes no difference.

And, I did a quick test on Oxygen 13.1. For me, the output folder out/ was created in the same directory as the docbook document was. So, I think if the document you are trying to convert is inside Oxygen, then the output will also be created there. 

This can be changed using "webhelp.base.dir" parameters that is present in Oxygen UI. How I changed was - I first duplicated the webhelp transformation scenario, then  right-click in the new transformation name -> edit. There's a tab called "Parameters". Oxygen has changed the webhelp build.xml a little bit. 
It should be noted that, Oxygen has DocBook WebHelp 1.76.1 built-in. So, unless you configured it manually, Oxygen invokes the built-in webhelp. It can be found at <path to oxygen>/frameworks/docbook/xsl/webhelp. 

Do I need to specify an output directory somewhere else? Have I missed an installation step?
I'm using the ns version 1.76.1 in Windows XP.
Dave Gardiner

Kasun Gajasinghe
Software Engineer; WSO2 Inc.; http://wso2.com,
linked-in: http://lk.linkedin.com/in/gajasinghe
blog: http://blog.kasunbg.org


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