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Subject: Need to clarify few things about DocBook's GSoC-12 project idea-"Transform from make-based build system to ANT"

Hi devs/Hi Dean,

I hope to participate for the GSoC-2012 and I like to contribute for the DocBook with the GSoC project idea[1] of "Transform from make-based build system to ANT".
The project idea was very interesting because 'Ant' made it trivial to integrate testing with the build process, Ant has made it easy for willing developers to adopt test-driven development[2].

In idea list,it gave basic introduction about the project mentioned above as 
"Improve the DocBook XSLs build process. ANT is currently a popular build alternatives which provides the ability to write a clean build script that is easier to maintain, and for better readability".
But the detail that provided in the idea list is not enough me to understand the milestones of the idea. So, can you give some detail or some useful materials to understand the those ?.

According to the professional knowledge that expected,I have considerable practise with Java. But I don't have much experiences using Ant and Make. So, now I following those technologies in step by step. Can specify the expected abilities about those technologies and how is it possible to transform from "make" to "Ant"?.
If you can provided some resources to gain the abilities up to project idea level that will be more useful to me.

Thank you in Advance!.

[1]. http://docbook.xmlpress.net/tiki-index.php?page=Ideas2012
[2]. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Ant

--Gihan Chanuka
--Level 3
--Department of Computer Science and Engineering
--University of Moratuwa
--Sri Lanka

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 3:57 AM, <DeanNelson@aol.com> wrote:
Why are your "building" with the development tree? Are you trying to get a DocBook system up and working? You mentioned not needing XSLs. Are you using something else to transform the DocBook? Most of the standard DocBook stylesheets are written in XSL/XSLT.
What version of DocBook are your using (4.5, 5.0)?
I guess we need to know where you are heading with this project to be able to help you.
Dean Nelson

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