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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] WebHelp search results - can they be generated in context?

On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 7:35 PM, Xmplar <info@xmplar.biz> wrote:
The option to add a summary to WebHelp search results appears not to work as expected when using: phrase role="summary".
I set this tag immediately inside each <para> and when I search for a word, the summary text I get will be from the *last* phrase element in the whole section within which is the search term - and not the text from the para that contains the search term. Further, the text within <phrase role="summary"> is generated in HTML files - so there needs to be either some sort of filter for the d:phrase template that excludes the text specified with @role="summary" from being propagated, or change the name of the element in the relevant WebHelp template (and even then, the summary displayed in a search must come from the para containing the found term).

The summary is per chapter/section; not per para. I think the documentation meant to say that the summary text for a chapter/section will be picked from a para or phrase that contain role="summary". Adding the relevant contents to abstract of the chapterinfo is a much cleaner way. But if you include a abstract, it will be in the generated html. So, yes either way there should some XSL processing and filter out the relevant content if this content shouldn't be in the generated htmls.


On 16-03-12 12:32 AM, David Cramer wrote:

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Not sure if this is what you mean, but you can have it include brief summaries in the search results:


"When you perform a search, the results can include brief summaries. These are populated in one of two ways:


    By adding |role="summary"| to a |para| or |phrase| in the |chapter| or |section|.


    By adding an |abstract| to the |chapterinfo| or |sectioninfo| element."

Including a few words before and after the found term would be hard to implement with the current client-side search. You probably want to use a google site search for that.


On 3/15/12 6:35 AM, Xmplar wrote:
> Am wondering whether it's possible to customise or develop WebHelp so that when invoking a search, the results include a few words before and after the search term. It seems that (say, with autoindex) at best only the section title within which a search term is located will be displayed as a search result.
> Is it possible to get search term results linking to the actual search term?
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