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Subject: xsltproc, glossary.collection, and xinclude - glossary is not found

Hello, I'm having a bit of a problem using the glossary.collection
parameter with xincluded files. My project directory looks something
like this:


Doc/Article1.docbook contains an xinclude element for
doc/article1/sect1.docbook. At the bottom of doc/article1.docbook is
<glossary role='auto' />; within doc/article1/sect1.docbook I have
<firstterm></firstterm around an entry in glossary.docbook.

Now, I run xsltproc like so from the root directory:

   Xsltproc --xinclude \
      --stringparam glossary.collection doc/glossary.docbook \
      --output article1.html xsl/stylesheet.xsl doc/article1.docbook

And I get the following warnings:
   Warning: failed to load external entity

And none of the glossary entries are loaded.

For the life of me, I have no idea why "doc/article1" is being prefixed
to the location of the glossary.

DAVID GOSS | Technical Writer
P 1.800.876.9218 x 345 | F 1.800.588.9866

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