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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Extend supported output formats

Hi Richard, Hi David :

I highly appreciate your support for my post. It was a mighty encouragement for me to motivate towards the project idea of "Extend supported output formats". 

I also think, DocBook community is going to take a good step with expanding its content towards the Android and iPad etc which can be consider as convergence technologies. 
I read some about epub extension which is already as xsl sheets in DocBook. Also epub [0] is a zip format file type with a predefined content and it used XHTML for its conversion as like webhelp. Is it good method to follow the implementation of epub or webhelp to get an idea about this project idea ?. Are there any suggestions ?. I highly appreciate those guidance at this movement.

David; I also saw that applicant/s can to choose at-least two output formats(preferred) to work on Google Summer of Code under this idea. But the idea page seems to be changed its content. I try to understand the idea with Android which I familiar more than others and enthusiastic. Then it will give me good foundation to move into one of another or may be more than one. Thank you very much David to address it here.

I search for some resource to get some idea about Android file format '.apk'. As I understood, when I create a Android application, I have to maintain in my program's code such as assets, manifest, resources, packaged java classes etc... When I'm going to host my application, it should be distributed in the .apk format. To create a Android file, first the files in source are compiled, and then all of its parts are packaged into one file. So, APK means set zipped jar files [1]. Please, correct me if I'm heading to a wrong path.

I'm think, it is better to understand the APK format and General Structure of an APK[2] will give me a good explanation on it. If some one can give documentation/articles explaining how can get into this project idea, it's highly appreciate.

Thank you in Advance !.

[0]. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPUB
[1]. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APK_%28file_format%29 
[2]. http://forum.sdx-developers.com/index.php?topic=3472.0 

Gihan Chanuka Karunarathne
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/gihanchanuka
LinkedIn: http://lk.linkedin.com/pub/gihan-karunarathne/25/ba3/993

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