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Subject: Generating <p> tags around first para of a table entry

When transforming to xhtml1-1 I’ve noticed that in a formal table, the first <para> inside an <entry> element does not generate with any <p> tags – the text sits immediately inside <td style="border-right: 1px none #000000; border-bottom: 1px none #000000; ">. However, the second and subsequent paragraphs are surrounded with <p>.  It is the same situation with text in an <entry> element on its own. This is problematic, because when using iBooks, the first para is not rendered in the selected font style for the document.

I looked at <xsl:template match="d:entry|d:entrytbl" name="entry"> and thought I’d found the right place, so I customised with putting <p> in this coding:

<xsl:when test="$empty.cell">
<xsl:when test="self::d:entrytbl">
<xsl:call-template name="tgroup"/>

That only generated an opening <p> tag before the first paragraph – there was no closing tag. Where else should I be looking?

Dave Gardiner

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