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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Extend supported output formats

On 27.3.2012 13:15, gihan karunarathne wrote:

>> Sure, for example output for Android should be application which can be
>> installed as any other application.
> So that means, output Android application like some thing which is include
> the content of information which is given by user in xml. So, I'm going to
> create an application which include tools for easy access to the content
> (like search..).


>> Yes, but you will need also some postprocessing step which will take
>> resulting HTML/CSS/image files and pack them together into single
>> package, sometimes together with simple application for viewing content.
> Do you mean that some thing like "webhelp" which use XHTML to generate the
> content from user then include index for built XHTML output and also
> include search. Do you mean some thing like that ?

Yes. Actually WebHelp could be in theory used directly, but UX of
WebHelp will not be very good on small screens. Thus it would be better
to create application that will provide its own touch-friendly interface
for working with ToC, index and search. Only real content should be
displayed using embedded web browser component.

>>> My problem was, is it possible to run a apk which is not encrypted (as
>> like
>>> XHTML-xsl , webhelp-xsl ) and create the structure by using XSLT ?.
>> I never developed Android application myself, but I bet that you can put
>> any additional resources into .apk including HTML/CSS/images.
> I think, you got me wrong at this point. I told that, is it possible to
> make apk structure with out using "Android compiler". I think it is not
> possible.

Of course, if documentation will be deplyed as .apk it has to be built
each time using Adroid SDK or what's the name of this beastie.

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