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Subject: 1.77.0 bug with index building?

We're building customized XHTML output for OTN (Oracle Technology Network), for many books. Using the 1.76.1 style sheets, all works fine, but switching to the 1.77.0 style sheets gives an error like this:

XML_CATALOG_FILES="../../../mysqldoc-toolset//catalog.xml ../../../mysqldoc-toolset/xsl.d/docbook-xsl-1.77.0/catalog.xml" xsltproc --xinclude --novalid \
        --stringparam l10n.gentext.default.language en \
        --stringparam html.stylesheet "mysql-html.css" \
        --stringparam generate.toc "book toc,title" \
        --param chunk.section.depth 1 \
        --output user.xhtml-otn-tmp/ \
        ../../../mysqldoc-toolset/xsl.d/mysql-xhtml-otn.xsl \
../../../mysqldoc-toolset/tools/add-index-navlinks.pl user.xhtml-otn-tmp/*.html
Cannot find top of index 0, file user.xhtml-otn-tmp/ix01.html
make: *** [user.xhtml-otn] Fehler 25 (German for "error 25")

This is reproducible for all our books. It might not be a bug in the 1.77.0 style sheets, but rather something in our customization layer that must be adapted to work with the new style sheets. However, I'm at a loss how to start debugging this.

Any pointers appreciated, and of course I can provide our customized xhtml-otn style sheet if necessary to track down the problem.


Stefan Hinz <stefan.hinz@oracle.com>, MySQL Documentation Manager

Phone: +49-30-82702940, Fax: +49-30-82702941, http://dev.mysql.com/doc

ORACLE Deutschland B.V.&  Co. KG
Registered Office: Riesstr. 25, 80992 Muenchen, Germany
Commercial Register: Local Court Of Munich, HRA 95603
Managing Director: Jürgen Kunz

General Partner: ORACLE Deutschland Verwaltung B.V.
Hertogswetering 163/167, 3543 AS Utrecht, Niederlande
Register Of Chamber Of Commerce: Midden-Niederlande, No. 30143697
Managing Directors: Alexander van der Ven, Astrid Kepper, Val Maher

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