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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] RELAX NG vs DTD: Sad Statistics

On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 10:29 PM, Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz> wrote:
On 2.6.2012 11:01, Divine Dandelion℠ wrote:
> Only 8.5% of users have transited to RELAX NG, the rest are still stuck to
> "old-fashioned" DTD. Not too brilliant result for 2.5 years, is it?

Please note that stylesheets doesn't have any relation to schema
language used. You can use docbook-xsl for processing both DocBook V4.X
and DocBook V5.X documents and same apply to docbook-xsl-ns. Differences
are only in handling some edge cases.

Also even if download of docbook-xsl-ns would indicate usage of DocBook
V5.X you don't know what schema language is used for validation of
DocBook V5.X.

Also many users are working with DocBook in tools like oXygen or XML
Mind XML editors that have DocBook stylesheets and schemas preinstalled.

So you need to investigate better static method before being sad :-)

Thank you for your answer, it makes me happier!  :-)

Of course, I made pretty rough assumptions; probably something was missed, but here my simple logic:
  1. To be valid against RELAX NG schema, the DocBook document must be namespaced.
  2. Processing namespaced documents with docbook-xsl has some limitations. (I could overestimate this fact, however. If limitations, as you wrote, only applied to some edge cases, it may still not force to switch to docbook-xsl-ns.)
  3. Thus, it make sense to use docbook-xsl-ns with such documents.
That explains my "RELAX NG <== namespace <== docbook-xsl-ns" association.

On the other hand, DTD documents don't require to be namespaced - therefore, to be processed with docbook-xsl-ns as well. Even so, it would only reduced the percentage of RELAX NG oriented users.


And I really didn't take into account oXygen / XML Mind users. You are completely right, It may significally change the statistics,
Ivan Zaporozhets
Divine Dandelion℠ Online Publishing Service

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