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Subject: Is there any way to control what level a page break occurs at for webhelp?

Ok, so I have the following structure to my document:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!-- This document was created with Syntext Serna Free. --><!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.5//EN" "docbookV4.5/docbookx.dtd" []>
  <title>Help Guid</title>
    <title>Whats New</title>
    <para>Describe here what is new in this release. Include links to sections that reference the fnctionality and some how tos.</para>
  <chapter id="Installation">
    <section id="Download">
      <para>This section will be used to show how to download the <link linkend="Installation">application</link>.</para>
    <title>Reference Guide</title>
    <section id="AP_Vendor_Maintenance">
      <title>A/P Vendor Maintenance</title>
      <graphic fileref="images/ap_vendor_maintenance.png"/>
    <section id="AP_Not_Posted">
      <title>A/P Not Posted</title>
      <graphic fileref="images/ap_not_posted.png"/>
    <section id="AP_Checks">
      <title>A/P Checks</title>
      <graphic fileref="images/ap_checks.png"/>
    <title>How To&apos;s</title>
      <title>How To Close a Month</title>
      <para>Describe here how to close a month. Include pictures, links, etc....</para>

So what I have here is a tree that only has two levels of nodes. The second level of nodes becomes pages when I convert it to webhelp. I would like to have three levels though. So for example, all of our Accounts Payable documents would be under a node called Accounts Payable. But, when I do that it creates a page for Accounts Payable, then each section under Accounts Payable becomes just a section of that page. Now, I dont want that because each of those sections under Accounts Payable are going to be really long, and I dont want a web page that long. I want a page for each section under Accounts Payable.  Maybe a different way of asking is, when I have a tree of nodes two levels deep I get a page for each top level node, and a page for each second level node. The top level node also shows a Table Of Contents for each child node it has. The second level nodes each get a page. But, when I go to 3 levels of nodes in a tree, it does not create a page for each 3rd level node. Is there way to make it do that????

This example above only has a few nodes just to show the example, but in our actual document we have about 60+ nodes at this level, this is why it would make more sense to break them up by group.


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