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Subject: Should ie.css be included by default in the generated webhelp files?

I am using version 1.77.0

I noticed that the generated webhelp files do not look correct in Microsoft Internet Explorer. I dug into it a little to see what was going on. The div named content doesnt have padding-top css attribute being set. The include for ie.css is missing in the generated files. So, the content div is aligned to the top of the browser in my generated content instead of being below the header div like it should be.

I see in some of the example sites that they have this conditional css line

<!--[if IE]>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

In my generated webhelp none of the generated html files have this line. I tried to add this into webhelp-common.xsl but I cant figure out how to get those html comments into it. It wants to treat them like comments to the xsl file and ignore them.

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