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Subject: Customizing the process.image template


I'm using the [Lazy Load](http://www.appelsiini.net/projects/lazyload)
JQuery plugin to help out on some image-heavy docbook articles. I
basically just copy/pasted the process.image template to my
customization later and made these changes ("data-original" was "src"
and the last two attributes are my additions):

         <xsl:attribute name="data-original">
             <xsl:when test="$img.src.path != '' and $tag = 'img' and
not(starts-with($output_filename, '/')) and
not(contains($output_filename, '://'))">
               <xsl:value-of select="$img.src.path"/>
            <xsl:value-of select="$output_filename"/>

	<xsl:attribute name="class">lazy</xsl:attribute>

It works just fine, that's not the problem. I want to make it degrade
gracefully (without JavaScript, only the placeholder image is
displayed). The way the plugin author recommends to do so is the place
an alternative in a <noscript> tag after the image, like this:

	<img class="lazy" src="img/placeholder.png"
	<noscript><img src="img/realimage.jpg"></noscript>

My question is where/how in the process.image template should this
redundant image be added? (Perhaps I need to call process.image twice in
the imagedata template, then have some sort of condition in
process.image to determine whether to swap "src" and "data-original"?)

DAVID GOSS | Technical Writer
P 1.800.876.9218 x 345 | F 1.800.588.9866

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