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Subject: [XSL-FO] Detection of the first index.div

Dear All,

in my customization layer I have two-column index preceded with the title
that is spread over both columns (block span="all"). 

Now I want to achieve both columns starting at the same vertical position.
As there is a space-before specified on the index.div title and because
there is the above mentioned block before, the first index.div title's
space-before is retained. It looks a bit weird as this column starts lower
than the second one.

If I could detect the first index.div somehow, I would create a condition
for space-before attribute accordingly (set it to zero). But looking into
the code it seems to be quite tricky as these divs are generated on the fly.
Moreover, the first div is processed differently if index entries start with
special characters.

Is there any way to get the div 'position' (index)?

Are there other methods how to suppress that space before?


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