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Subject: Copyright and dbtimestamp

I am hitting a snag. I don't want to continually update my copyright year in my docs. So I used the dbtimestamp  PI to pick out the year and put that in an ENTITY included with all my docs. Sounded simple.
    <!ENTITY CURRENT_YEAR "<?dbtimestamp format='Y' padding='0'?>" >
Then I used this to fill in the year in the copyright field in my XML.
        <copyright id="met-copyright">
            <holder>My Company</holder>
However, when I used xsltproc/fop1.0 to process it as normal, I get"
    Copyright (c) 2005- My Company
So I did some more looking in my customization layer and I could only find where I set up the combining of copyright years and disabled that.
<xsl:param name="make.single.year.ranges" select="0"/>
<xsl:param name="make.year.ranges" select="0"/>

What else could it be? I use the dbtimestamp elsewhere and it works fine, even as an ENTITY.
Dean Nelson

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