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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Questions about the XSLT2 stylesheets

Hi Carlos,

Am Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012, 09:19:53 schrieb Carlos Araya:
> Good morning:

That's relative. ;-)

> [...] 
> I always validate the XML document before running the transformation
> and it always validates using XMLLint. but it didn't catch this error.
> Is there a way to validate xlink elements within docbook?

I cannot recommend xmllint in regards to RELAX NG. Unfortunately, I was never 
able to validate my DocBook 5 documents against the DocBook RNG schema. ;-( 
Better use Jing.

> Thee behavior with the XSLT1 (snapshot) distribution is to ignore the
> link altogether. Is there a way to maybe flag it as a warning so we
> can look at the xml and see where the error is?

Well, consider this snippet with the same typo than your document (xlink:hef 
instead of xlink:href):

 <para>This links to the <link
    xlink:hef="http://www.docbook.org";>DocBook site</link>.</para>

Validate the XML file which contains the above snippet using this command:

 $ jing -c docbook.rnc db5-xlink.xml

That gives me the following error:

db5-xlink.xml:7:40: error: attribute "xlink:hef" not allowed here; expected 
attribute "annotations", "arch", "audience", "condition", "conformance", 
"dir", "endterm", "linkend", "os", "remap", "revision", "revisionflag", 
"role", "security", "userlevel", "vendor", "version", "wordsize", 
"xlink:actuate", "xlink:arcrole", "xlink:href", "xlink:role", "xlink:show", 
"xlink:title", "xlink:type", "xml:base", "xml:id", "xml:lang", "xreflabel" or 
/tmp/db5-xlink.xml:7:40: error: element "link" missing one or more required 
attributes; expected attribute "annotations", "arch", "audience", "condition", 
"conformance", "dir", "endterm", "linkend", "os", "remap", "revision", 
"revisionflag", "role", "security", "userlevel", "vendor", "version", 
"wordsize", "xlink:actuate", "xlink:arcrole", "xlink:href", "xlink:role", 
"xlink:show", "xlink:title", "xlink:type", "xml:base", "xml:id", "xml:lang", 
"xreflabel" or "xrefstyle"

As you can see, the wrong attribute is indeed reported. The only issue you 
have is that xmllint is broken. 

The moral of the story: use jing. :)

  Thomas Schraitle

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