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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Webhelp questions: catalogs and xpointers

Hi Jeff,

I gave up trying to get catalogs to work with the ANT xslt task, probably because I don't know ANT well enough. But it did get things to work after ditching the xslt task and just using the java task. Attached are my current build and properties files (note, i haven't upgraded it to 1.77 yet).

Don't know if this is at all helpful for your purposes (it does use Xerces, for example), but at least it demonstrates one more possible customization to the stock build.


On 06/21/2012 12:08 AM, David Cramer wrote:
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Hi Jeff,
Yes, you'd have to modify the supplied build.xml to use catalogs. Last
time I used catalogs with ant, you had to have the resolver jar
available (in the classpath? or ant lib dir?) to make it work. There
was also a simpler catalog format you could use inside your ant
build.xml that didn't require an extra library. Things may have
changed since then, but that's what I recall. The docs are here:


However, it sounds as if you'd prefer to exec xsltproc instead of
using Saxon. If you stick with Ant, you could exec xsltproc (and xmllint):


As part of this summer's GSoC project, one of the students is creating
a Makefile to build webhelp using xsltproc. You could use that as a
starting point too.

It's difficult to provide a build script that covers everyone's needs.
What's there will work for some people and provide inspiration and
guidance to allow others to integrate it into their system.


On 06/20/2012 06:55 PM, Jeff Powanda wrote:
I use an XML catalog with Saxon, so I was surprised that the
Webhelp build.xml file does not specify a catalog resolver. I’ve
tried importing the default build.xml file into my project’s build
file (as the documentation recommends), but it fails to resolve the
catalog entries. I’m not sure how to do it, although I did see the
following Ant macro in the Apache Velocity project that seems to do
the trick. Am I on the right track?

Also, for my other HTML projects I use xmllint to preprocess the
XML source files into one file to resolve xincludes that use
xpointers, something Xerces doesn’t currently support. I assume
I’ll need to do the same to generate Webhelp, but wonder if anyone
has found another solution for dealing with xpointers.


Jeff Powanda

Vocera Communications


<!-- ==
== -->

<!-- == Saxon Converter macro that uses commons-resolver
== -->

<!-- ==
== -->

<!-- == input: The file to transform
== -->

<!-- == output: The transformation result
== -->

<!-- == style: The Style Sheet used for the transformation
== -->

<!-- ==
== -->


<macrodef name="saxon">

<attribute name="input"/>

<attribute name="output"/>

<attribute name="style"/>


<java classname="com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet" fork="true"

dir="${basedir}" classpathref="dbf.classpath">

<arg line="-x org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader"/>

<arg line="-y org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader"/>

<arg line="-r org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.CatalogResolver"/>

<arg value="-o"/>

<arg value="@{output}"/>

<arg value="@{input}"/>

<arg value="@{style}"/>




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