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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] [xhtml-1_1][header.navigation] An unallowed attribute

Hi Devine,

afaik, copying the template to your customization is the right way to go, as described in http://sagehill.net/docbookxsl/CustomizingPart.html.
It's certainly better than directly editing the stock templates.

If it's a bug and the template gets fixed in a future release, you can simply delete the copy of the template from your customization after you install that release. That's the theory anyway.


On 06/22/2012 07:04 PM, Divine Dandelion℠ wrote:

Here is an old issue in the _xhtml-1_1/chunk-common.xsl_ file:

    <xsl:template name="/header.navigation/">
    <!--[ ...skipped... ]-->
    *<th width="60%" align="center">*          <!--[ Line 1227 ]-->
    <!--[ ...skipped... ]-->

The <*th* /width>/ attribute isn't allowed in XHTML 1.1, and pages
produced don't pass validation, e.g. with W3.org Validator.

I have copied the whole template into my customization layer and deleted
the wrong attribute. I don't like this way, however, because hiding the
original template from possible changes in the future. Is there any
better solution? Playing with the make.valid.html, html.cleanup, and
make.clean.html parameters was completely unsuccessful. Now I think
about post-processing.

And more, isn't that attribute needed in the original template at all?
Deleting it had no significant visual effect in IE / FF / Chrome.

Ivan Zaporozhets
Divine Dandelion℠ Online Publishing Service
http://divinedandelion.blogspot.com/ <http://divinedandelion.blogspot.com/>

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