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Subject: Re: [xep-support] Fwd: RE: ANNOUNCEMENT - RenderX moves to the Cloud

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the Mathflow/Oxygen trick only seems to work with FOP, not XEP (I haven't tried AH)
I suspect the XEP problem is me rather than XEP, I dropped it when I found that FOP worked.  Any comment, Kevin, I would prefer to stick with XEP.

On 24-Jun-12 12:13 PM, Ron Catterall wrote:
Hi Stefan

At present XEP does not do MML.  (Antenna House will support it - but costly)
I have the Mathflow for Oxygen from dessci.com and put MML code directly into Docbook source.  Thjis all works transparently and yields reasonable (acceptable) output.  I have aso used the mml2svg package that Jirka menioned (http://sourceforge.net/projects/svgmath/ ) - again output is acceptable, but it means breaking the XML+MML to PDF at the FO stage.  Not transparent, but can be automated.

I just got this from Kevin:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: [xep-support] ANNOUNCEMENT - RenderX moves to the Cloud
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 16:35:24 -0700
From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Reply-To: <kevin@renderx.com>
Organization: RenderX Inc
To: <ron@catterall.net>, "'RenderX Community Support List'" <xep-support@renderx.com>


Windows 7 is alright (this initial release is Windows-centric, .NET 3.5).
However, unless you have a toolchain upfront doing MathML to SVG injection
it would not support the MathML requirement you have. Docbook is no problem.

Kevin Brown


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