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Subject: Keycaps: Using Unicode or Not?


currently, I'm trying to create the context for keycaps to support the
@function attribute (see RFE#3540451) for other languages. This maps a
general, constant name to a localized string.

However, I'm facing a "strategy problem" now. For example, some keys
can be represented by different strings:

 ↹ (U+21B9) or "Tab"
 ⇧ (U+21E7) or "Shift"
 ⇦ (U+21E6) or "Backspace"

The question is where should we go?

The Unicode representation may look nicer and more correct. On the
other side, it may create problems when the respective glyphs are
unsupported in fonts. 

What do you think? Should we embrace the Unicode glyphs or should we
be on the safe side?

    Thomas Schraitle

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