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Subject: Using DiffMk with Docbook


I hope this question is within the scope of this list.

I'm trying to use [DiffMk](http://sourceforge.net/projects/diffmk/) to
compare two version of a file checked out from SVN, and I'm having all
sorts of problems getting it to work in Cygwin. I'm following [Bob's
directions in the XSL
Guide](http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/Changebars.html#d0e50355), but
there are a few problems

  + I'm plagued by "Could not find or load main class" errors
  + There is no diffmk.xml (or config/) in the DiffMk distribution

Does anyone have this program working in Cygwin and might be able to
offer some advice, or know of an alternative that might work better?
Being able to generate revisionflags between versions would be more
useful than sliced bread is for sandwich making.

DAVID GOSS | Technical Writer
P 1.800.876.9218 x 345 | F 1.800.588.9866

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