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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] embedding fonts in generated pdf

Is this any use on creating the font metrics - from the MML2SVG documentation./

 These font metrics files are created with ttfreader tool that
comes with FOP. To fully support a font, you need to create four XML font metrics files with FOP ttfreader. The first file, named MyFont.xml, contains the normal style font metrics, from MyFont.ttf for example. The second font metrics file, named MyFont-Italic.xml, contains all metrics information about the italic font, from MyFontItalic.ttf for example. The third file, called My- Font-Bold.xml, contains all information about the bold font, from MyFontBol.ttf. And the last file, named MyFont-Bold-Italic.xml contains all metrics information about the bold italic font,
from MyFontBolIta.ttf for example.

On 16-Jul-12 9:55 AM, Stefan Seefeld wrote:

this is not strictly a DocBook question, but I hope that the question is
common enough in this community that someone may actually be able to help.

For an IEEE paper submission I need to embed the used fonts into the
pdf. I'm using fop, and `pdffonts paper.pdf` reports

name                  type              emb sub uni object ID
--------------------- ----------------- --- --- --- ---------
Helvetica             Type 1            no  no  no     181  0
Times-Roman           Type 1            no  no  no     182  0
Times-BoldItalic      Type 1            no  no  no     183  0
Courier               Type 1            no  no  no     184  0
Times-Italic          Type 1            no  no  no     185  0
Times-Bold            Type 1            no  no  no     186  0

http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/AddFont.html suggests that I need to
generate a font metrics file for the fonts I'd like to embed. So I'm
looking for the above fonts on my system (Fedora 17).

I have found a "urw-fonts" package, apparently containing "...good
quality versions of the 35 standard PostScript(TM) fonts...". However,
the font names don't match the above.

Any suggestion as to how to embed the standard (default) fonts when
generating pdf from DocBook ?



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