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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] embedding fonts in generated pdf

On 07/16/2012 07:57 PM, Stefan Seefeld wrote:
On 2012-07-16 14:49, Thomas Schraitle wrote:

Still, I seem to be missing some missing link. For example: Who or what
caused the generated pdf to reference Type 1 fonts, and what would it
take to switch to TrueType ?
Well, let me give you a short explanation. You start with the idea that you
want to use a different font in your document.


Thanks for the explanation. You are describing steps to change the
font-family. The issue I have above is not with font-families, but with
font types. The generated pdf is referring to various Type 1 fonts
(Times, Helvetica, Courier). I have locally installed the equivalent
TrueType fonts, and told FOP about them in the configuration file. But
it still generates pdfs referring to unembedded Type 1 fonts.
The change of a font family doesn't even enter the picture here, or does
it ?


The XSL-FO WG in W3C were unwilling to adopt font configuration as part of the W3C WD, hence it is down to the formatter manufacturer.

The Rec simply says use this or that font-family attribute, which is inherited. Mapping of a font-family to a font file (of any type) is
implementation dependent.

What this also means is that the formatter, when it is unable to find a glyph matching a code point, can fall back on any font it likes, rather than warn the stylesheet writer and author. I think this is bad.
  Most formatters have... final fallback fonts, often installed in
the formatter installation directory, which provide MOST (not all) common glyphs. So they fall back on those (silently) when the fonts
about which it knows, through the font configuration file, and the
font-family specification list, have been exhausted.

What font type is supported is wholly implementation dependent.



Dave Pawson

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