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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Saxon 6 or 9 ? And extensions - extensions/saxon65 or use docbook-xsl-saxon

Hi Richard,

Am Montag, 23. Juli 2012, 10:58:21 schrieb Bob Stayton:
> The DocBook XSL stylesheets that are the most solid are written in XSL 1.0
> (version 1.77.1 is the latest distribution), for which Saxon 6 is most
> compatible.  Saxon 9 is an XSL 2.0 processor that can fall back to 1.0
> behavior if you use those stylesheets, but you may run into compatibility
> issues.

I tried to run Saxon9 with the XSLT 1.0 stylesheets and it didn't work due to 
EXSLT extension(s). Saxon9 doesn't support the exsl:document, saxon:output, 
and exsl:node-set extensions anymore, because XSLT 2 has already a similar 
element or it's not needed anymore.

See also my thread last year about this topic (originally with Calabash):

  Thomas Schraitle

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