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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] What is Xml ?

Hi Richard,

the authorative source would be http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/REC-xml-20081126/ (XML-1.0).

Hope this helps,


On 30.07.2012 14:51, Kerry, Richard wrote:


Thanks for that, but I know most of it already.

The issue is that if I'm to get the supplier to change their software or docs I'll need to be able refer to an authoritative source.


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From: Stefan Hinz [mailto:stefan.hinz@oracle.com]
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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] What is Xml ?

Hi Richard,

  >  Please can someone direct me to an authoritative
explanation of what
constitutes a valid XML file ?

Let me try with expert knowledge freshly gained from Wikipedia

For your below document, this means:

* The<?xml?>  prolog is optional.
* There's no single "root" element that contains all the
other elements.
Therefore, the XML isn't well-formed, and thus not valid.




I've been provided with some "XML" files which are a bit like this :
<category id="information">
   <section id="general">
    <element id="fileinfo" />
<category id="device">
   <section id="Status">
    <element id="1" />
    <element id="2" />
They are described as "XML", together with a note that "...
file can be
created using any XML editor providing the format and tags
required are
used", though I get various errors from emacs+nxml-mode,
XmlMind and Serna.
I think that they are not well-formed, on account of having
two "root
I'm also a bit surprised by the lack of the usual version,
encoding and
standalone attributes in the xml PI, though I suspect they
are actually
And I've just found that it starts with (hex) ef bb bf,
before the "<?"
- is that a byte-order mark ?  Or just another non-standardness ?
I will need to pass this back to the originators so that
they can either :
1.  Change their software to produce/use real XML.
2.  Change their documentation to refer to "XML-like" or similar.
In the meantime I'll need to do some sort of processing to
get it into a
form that I can process.
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