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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Small!! Lightweight!! xslt processor which is standalone!! and runs Docbook/XSL stylesheets?

On 2012-07-30 09:12, Dan Shelton wrote:
> Does anyone know a small, lightweight xslt processor (doesn't need to
> be fast) written in ANSI/ISO C which can handle the Docbook/XSL
> stylesheets but does not depend on a quintillion of shared libraries?
> We want to use the Docbook/XSL stylesheets in our software package but
> ran afoul that we need a xslt processor installed and need to ship one
> if the underlying system doesn't have one. xsltproc ruled itself out
> because shipping all of it's dependencies means we have to ship 30MB
> of source code extra.

xsltproc is the best you can get. The required packages (libxml2 and
libxslt) are stable, portable, and as self-contained as possible.
(Running 'ldd' on libxml2.so and libxslt.so shows no dependencies other
than to the C runtime and libz for compression. And I'm pretty sure you
can avoid the latter if you are willing to recompile the packages to
explicitly disable compression support.)



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