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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook Slides 5.0 beta1 available for testing

Hi Gabor,

I have not been able to took a deeper look, and won't be for another few
weeks, but I aim to use it in production from the end of September
onwards.  So, after a quick look at the Slidy transformation:

- Fantastic! This is looking very promising.

- dbs3-upgrade.xsl contains a typo:
  <xsl:template name="slidesinfo|foilgroupinfo|foilinfo">
  should probably read
  <xsl:template match="slidesinfo|foilgroupinfo|foilinfo">

- dbs3-upgrade.xsl does not conserve attributes (such as id, which
  should incidentally be translated to xml:id) on dbs-namespaced
  elements, due to limitations in the process.content named template.

- The generated HTML is invalid (at least with respect to the XHTML
  schema I use) due to various empty attribute values (xml:lang, lang,
  xmlns, class).

- Multiple mediaobject children appear all to be rendered, although only
  one of them should be.  How can this happen? I would think that this
  is handeled by the stock DB stylesheets, not by anything specific to
  Slides. (I see this in informalequation/mediaobject, where I have
  textobjects containing LaTeX and auto-generated MathML, respectively.)

- On my wishlist: speakernotes are currently only possible in specific
  places within slides, foilgroup and foil (as they were in DB<5 I
  think).  However, I see no reason to impose such restrictions.  Why
  not allow attaching speakernotes to just about anything?  Here is what
  I have done for ages, and what I would like the stock DB Slides to

    local.divcomponent.mix = speakernotes
    local.component.mix    = speakernotes
    local.example.mix      = speakernotes

    (The use of local.* is of course my personal customization hack;
    this just to indicate where I think speakernotes should be allowed,
    at least.)

  I then render speakernotes into my personal view of the slides (see
  which I plan to adapt to the new Slidy output).

- Also on my wishlist: Target HTML5 output.  I'd like my movies to be
  rendered by <video> elements, without my having to fiddle with
  stylesheets :-)

- There are various sizing and spacing problems involving SVG graphics,
  but I do not have the time right now to investigate whether they are
  caused by your transformations or by weirdnesses in my own XML coding.

Great work, keep it up!

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