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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Small!! Lightweight!! xslt processor which is standalone!! and runs Docbook/XSL stylesheets?

On Fri, 17 Aug 2012 16:31:39 +0200, Dan Shelton <dan.f.shelton@gmail.com>
> No, because the package MUST be self-contained, which means it must
> have all parts in one source bundle to work on machines which are
> behind firewalls or more likely even an intranet with no connection to
> the Internet. The only requirement is a working C89 compiler.
> We already checked xsltproc and it can completely be ruled out because
> it will require almost 80MB of extra source code to meet it's minimum
> dependencies.

I sympathize.  And I find xslt extremely counter-intuitive--every time I
work with it, I spend hours trying to figure out how to do s.t. which seems
like it should be trivial.  I guess if I used xslt every day...but I don't
feel that way about other computer languages that I use on an occasional

I don't suppose an alternative solution would work--doing it in Python or
some other language that implements SAX or DOM?

   Mike Maxwell

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