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Subject: Docbook and OXygen Xml Editor

I've been using Oxygen Editor with Docbook 5 with reasonable success but stuck on a few basic things, here is hoping you can help.

1. If I create a table within Docbook it creates a header, but if I create a table by copying the table the table data from a (openoffice) spreadsheet it doesn't make the first column into a table header, how can I convert the first field into a table header ? 2. Chunking html is creating a seperate file for each main section, section 2, section 3 ectera but I want it to create a html page for section 2, section2.1, section 2.2 ... how do I do this within Oxygen ? 3. If I Use Docbook5/Insert Table I can specify the size of the table but if i use Insert List Item it just creates a list of size 1, there seems then to add the second list item I have to do the insert again, sure there must be an easier way ? 4. If I'm in the main editing window and have Section3, section 3.2 and then I want to create a new section 4 how do I do that, it always creates section 3.3 instead. I can do this from the outline view by selecting Section 3 and choosing Insert After/Section but isn't there a way to do it from the main edit window.

thanks Paul

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