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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook and OXygen Xml Editor

On 28/08/2012 09:39, Radu Coravu wrote:
Hi Paul,

Sorry for the delay, please see some more observations below:

Hi, thanks for the detailed answer but all I meant was that I accept the data is pasted into Oxygen the way it is, but once you have a table in Oxygen is there not a way to make the the first row a table header row form within Oxygen. In the end I got round this by going to text mode and manually copying and pasting the thead from another docbook created table.

Yes, right now this is quite hard to accomplish in the Author page. It is possible but hard to work with. You could position the caret right before the <tbody>, press ENTER to insert the <thead> and then copy the first row from the <tbody> to the <thread>.

How would you see an easier way to do this in Oxygen? Maybe select the first row, right click and have a custom action like "Make Header Row"? Something like this?
Yes, exactly like that


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